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Welcome to NOURISH Mind + Body Nutrition. If you’re ready to ditch the diets, embrace food freedom and trust your body again, then you’ve come to the right place…

Have you ever been told by a health provider to cut out your favourite foods, or start eating a bunch of foods that make you gag? Has this left you stressed, defeated, confused, freaked out, upset, and worried? I’m here to invite you to see health and nutrition in a totally different way. What we do or don’t eat is the smallest part of the health and wellbeing equation – our emotional, social and psychological health determines the way our body assimilates food. We can religiously abide by all the diets (food rules) on the planet, but if we are stressed, unhappy, overworked, unloved, and hating ourselves, then we will achieve nothing for our health.

So let’s cut through all the crap – let’s focus on what really matters, and what will really help you to live a life true to your highest self.

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